Oct 27


 Boost your immunity against virus and flu

Long before Baba Ramdev announced the magical attributes of tulsi and giloy extracts to prevent swine flu and flu like conditions Ayurvedic practitioners in the city have been recommending these herbs to their patients of cancer to viral fever to enhance their immunity. Dr Dheeraj Yadav, consultant Naturopathy with Delhi based Tulsi Holistic Clinic says, “I’ve been recommending giloy and tulsi to my patients of cancer and diabetes for many years now, and the results have been encouraging. Tulsi extracts when put together with Giloy juice help enhance immune levels of patients undergoing chemotherapy.” Giloy improves the immune system and the body’s resistance to infections. It is also a very effective immuno-stimulant. The plant is also used in dyspepsia, and various types of fever.

Tulsi means incomparable and the healing properties of this branched fragrant herb have been mentioned in the Rig Veda. Even today, you’ll see elder people chewing on leaves of tulsi on an empty stomach during the change of season to bolster their immunity. Tulsi improves the body’s overall defence mechanism including its ability to fight viral diseases. And, who can forget the tulsi ka kadha that grandma concocted with love to shorten the duration of viral fever? In fact, the juice of this herb also brings down fever. Dr. Preeti Chabbara, Ayurveda expert with Ganga Ram confirms, “This goes without saying that tulsi, which is also an antioxidant has anti viral properties.”

Guardian Tusi and Giloy syrup is a perfect immune booster. Every 30 ML contains 1.5 Gms of Tulsi Extract & 0.5 Gms of Giloy Extract.

Testimonial --P S Nagpal

P. S..Nagpal
Age -63
Profession- Retired Govt. Officer (Ministry of Commerce)

My three and a half year old grandson was in a bad shape due to high temperature and, severe cold and cough. Nothing worked. We were all so worried thinking it could be a symptom of swine flu. Thank God, we got introduced to Tulsi and Giloy Syrup.  He must have had just 3 or 4 doses and his condition was noticeably improving. And we have been giving it to him regularly since then. Even I have been having it for almost a month..

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    Tulsi and Giloy is a herbal supplement. Hence it is safe for use by everybody. But, in your husband’s instance it is recommended that you seek his cardiologist’s advice before giving him any other medicine.

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