Dec 09
 Peach and Honey Scrub peach and honey scrub
  • Gel based rejuvenating scrub with natural moisturising walnut oil for a smooth, supple and refreshed skin.
  • The scrub exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, helps circulation and rejuvenates your skin. 
  • Peach and Honey leave the skin baby soft with a subtle sheen that makes you glow all day long.
  • Best suited for all skin types.

 Peach Moisturising Lotion 

peach moisturising lotion

  •  A gentle, hydrating lotion enriched with rose extracts and almond oil along with refreshing freshness of peach to provide daily moisture replenishment to the skin.
  • Blended with pure natural oils and peach extracts for a super soft skin and a shimmering vibrant complexion.
  • Best suited for all skin types.


peach and honey face wash


Peach and Honey Face Wash



  • Peach and Honey moisturise and soften your skin while gently cleansing away the excess oil, makeup and impurities from deep inside your pores resulting in softer, smoother and a healthier looking skin.
  • Achieve extra soft sparkling complexion for a youthful radiance
     Peach and Honey Face Packpeach and honey face pack




    • Blended with Aloe Vera and Sandal Wood oil the face pack gives instant luminosity and radiance to the skin.
    • Best suited for all skin types.

    Sun Protective Lotion








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