Jan 05

Why can’t a bania play hockey or football for India? Because every time he gets a corner, he builds a shop! The Buck Stops Here begins with these lines and they grab your attention immediately. The book narrates the journey traversed by Guardian Pharmacy, India’s second largest pharmacy retail chain that started with a simple ingredient: the power of dreams. The founder, Ashutosh Garg made a bold transition after 25 years as a top manager into an entrepreneur. The book is a must read for Readmore

May 24


Feb 03

“Guardian Pharmacy” has been awarded with ‘RETAILER OF THE YEAR’  in BEAUTY, WELLNESS AND FITNESS” category. The award will be conferred at  Asia Retail Congress, which is being held on 9 th and 10th of Feb. Asia Retail Congress is represented by 50 countries from across Asia and the world. Readmore

Feb 02

     Guardian Pharmacy came up with an innovative concept of Health Zones in Santokba Durlabhji pharmacy at Jaipur. Health zones will have all products that cater to good health, like health supplements, multivitamins, nutritious snacks, high-fiber biscuits, probiotic drinks, like Yakult. The concept has been an instant hit at the pharmacy, and we’ll duplicate the model at other pharmacy stores too. Readmore