Sep 27

Why handmade soaps are better? Natural handmade soaps are better than the commercially prepared ones. Handmade soaps have always been known for the effective cleaning power but recently scientific studies have shown the benefits of handmade soap to be incredible1  It’s always been speculated that handmade soap has built-in healing properties. People suffering from skin disorders like eczema have found relief through the use of handmade soap. Compared to the mass-produced soaps in the Readmore

Mar 27


Mar 17

Xtracare–a new launch from Guardian Pharmacy will help you stay refreshed this summer. Get one home today. Readmore

Jan 21

It’s a well known fact by now that food supplements have become an essential ingredient of modern life. For reasons known to almost all of us, nutrition takes a back seat and as a result gaps develop and this reflects in decreased stamina and accelerated ageing. Replenishing the nutritional gaps is one of ways to stay healthy and food supplements enable you to do this. When it comes to food supplements there is a wide range available that’s just mind boggling for an average Joe. Readmore

Jan 19

Supplement as the name suggest is in addition to nutrition. Ideally, we should get all nutrients from food, but this doesn’t happen in real life, where stress, deadlines, overdose of tea and coffee, smoking and junk food get in. Hence, recommendations of food-guide pyramid become text-book matter, which hardly get translated in real life. People who abide by food-guide-pyramid too need to worry, because the soil in which crops are grown has become depleted with minerals and each serving of Readmore